Now-a-days, it is observed far and wide, there is a decreasing trend of value of education. The root cause of this is as follows.

Bad relation between educational institutions and general public: The relation between educational institutions and general public is deteriorating day by day due to false commitments by some institutions through unhealthy marketing atmospheres. It creates an environment to destroy mutual trust and confidence between guardians and the educational institution.

Dis-respectful Student-Teacher relationship: In present day situation the student teacher relation is not conducive  enough to create an atmosphere of holy and peaceful  knowledge sharing. Most of teachers are not helpful and sympathetic to solve the class room learning issues. The students  have been made as measuring sticks to evaluate the efficiency level of teachers. There is no fear in the minds of students which obstructs to take proper guidance  from them to rectify the running academic and emotional issues

Lack of knowledge gaining interest among many students: There is lack of passion for gaining knowledge both  inside  and outside the class room makes them mechanical to memorize and reproduce the information. As a result, teachers  lose their interest to create true interests to gain the knowledge.

Lack of initiative from teachers’ side to create true interest in the mind of students: Many Teachers forget that they are back bone to our society and they are in a noble profession and can change the society as per present challenges faced by our society. But they get selfish and fails to deliver true services for the society.

Commercialization of Education: Too much commercialization and unhealthy competition in education sector deteriorates the value education.

Lack of ideal relationship between parents and teachers: The parents and teachers can jointly  change the present day scenario of value of education;

Lack of honesty and ethical values  educational sector annihilates  the very atmosphere  of mutual holy, trustworthy and peaceful atmosphere.


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