-ITS ROLE IN NATION BUILDING

       Now-a-days, the growing population is no more  a liability for a country, rather  it has become a powerful asset. This conversion has been enabled due to effective ideal education system for a country.An   ideal conscious citizen with sense of duties and responsibilities towards his/her family, society and  mother land is key element of a developed country. The various phases Education System of a country such as Primary Education, Secondary Education and Higher Education, Technical Education and Professional  Education.

Elementary Education at primary stage has a vital role. When a child   enters into a school, he/she learns early discipline, manners, sense of respect towards elders. Apart from development towards moral and ethical aspect of life,a child as a first student get privileges to intellectual developments such as mathematical skills, scientific spirit, general awareness, language skills,reading and writing skills etc. This gives a basic ability to be good citizen to lead a normal practical life in the society. That is why, the education upto the age of 14 years has been made compulsory in our country.

In secondary level, more efforts are taken up to develop mathematical and scientific  skill level,languge and literary expertise, proficiency is social studies, more emphasis on physical education such as sports and games, vocational education and general discipline in practical life. Various co-curricular activities yoga, meditation, music are introduced at  this level. Above all a constructive competitive spirit is inculcated in students to transform a personality of strong moral and disciplined character and excel intellect to a higher stage. At higher stage of secondary level, specializations in different streams such as arts, Science and commerce are introduced. It facilitates the students to prepare themselves initiate a suitable career as per their choice at graduation levels. Hence, higher secondary level is turning point of the career.

At higher education level choose their own career as per respective choices according their interests, passions and efficiency through various entrance tests. They may pick up one professional among various careers such as Medical, Engineering, Commerce and Finance ,law, Human Resource development,defence etc. Some expose them in industrial careers in private as well as public sectors. Some other prefer administrative careers in  jobs at state govt and central govt levels. Those resume pure graduation and Post Graduation level, they opt for research and development in their careers as scientists, professors in different Universities.

Due to vast contribution of intellectual educated mass of the society,a nation becomes developed. Hence,role of education for a developed nation is crucial.



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