The development of good character of a human being is not accomplished in a day. It takes generation and generation together to prosper in line with age old Indian traditions and cultures with so called vedic mantra ”SARBE BHABANTU SUKHINAH SARBESANTU NIRAMAYA,SARBE BHADRANI PASYANTU MAA KASCHIT DUKHABHAG BHABET”. Honesty and un-selfishness, tendency to help others and many other factors in social surroundings influence an individual to build up a good character. Like the character of an individual, a group character is largely influenced by his or her family and society in its surroundings. If we go back to the past, around 40 to 50 years back, the public character was based on high moral and ethical values. In old educational system in those ages, the teachers were regarded as incarnation of GOD, as teachers reciprocate in a proper way being placed in a sacred position in society.

In course of time, this holy environment of educational institutions deteriorate with influence of western culture, the people became passionate to material enjoyment of lives with pretty greediness for money and became extremely self- centered. The joint family system were broken down to single families in society. Automatically, there was degradation in individual character which in turn influenced educational atmospheres inside the institutions. Many teachers failed to deliver their services properly towards students in educational institutions. LOVE vanished from minds of most of the teachers towards the students. The students became helpless and frustrated due to lack of proper guidance and advice. The student teacher relation got bitter day by day.

                       However, it can never be denied, there is a scarcity of ideal teachers  in present day society. Some students are performing well at their own effort with least support from teachers on behalf of the educational institutions.


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