The role of electricity is very crucial in the modern society. It is similar to blood in side body of a living being. As life can never sustain without blood, likewise modern society can never exist without electrical power. Its requirement is indispensable in every walks of modern life.

WHAT IS ELECTRICITY: The energy which is a vital factor for this modern living world made available from a  secondary sources widely known as electricity which is made available by converting the primary natural sources of energy such as coal, natural gas, solar energy, wind energy. It is nothing but flow of charged particles called electron inside the metallic conductors.

IMPORTANCE ELECTRICITY IN DAILY LIFE: In old days, people were used to wood, coal, kerosene for heating purposes for preparation of their daily food, candles and oil lamps for lighting, cooling for food preservation using ice .But with invent of electricity, these old practices have been gradually out dated by using electric heaters, electric bulbs, electric fans and refrigeration etc. With the discover of  electricity by Benjamin Franklin in 1700s and developing more research by Michel Faraday, large number electrical devices were invented with continuous  by different scientists which covered wide application in various aspects of modern human society .It has been possible for viewing TVs, washing clothes, using computers and mobile phones.

Now-a- days, there are wide varieties of applications of electricity in various fields of  modern society.


We have to note that the discover of electricity is the greatest boon of God towards rapid growth of modern human civilization in different fields which led to  invention of multiple equipments and machineries in different fields of basic importance.


APPLICATION IN AGRICULTURAL FIELD: Farming processes have been made easy and fast by use of electric motors to drive various machineries such as barn machineries, chaff-cutters, root cutters, cattle cake and grain crushers and water pumps to save time and  labour  with low maintenance cost. Irrigation processes have been  developed by use pump motors in bore wells.In our country total 20-22% electricity consumed in agriculture sector.

APPLICATION IN INDUSTRIAL FIELD: Huge amount of electricity is utilized for operating the industrial motors of different machineries of plants and equipment for heating, cooling and ventilations ,lighting of industrial areas, office rooms and running communication  systems and computers.

APPLICATION EDUCATIONAL FIELD:  With increasing development educational technology, electricity is a basic necessity for smart class rooms and managing online classes. Regular and trouble free study activities by students both in rural and urban areas need continuous supply of electricity.

APPLICATION IN MEDICAL FIELD: Electricity is very much essential for running critical life saving machineries along with lighting , communication system and purified water system.

APPLICATION IN ENGINEERING FIELD: Almost all engineering equipments need need electric power to run, but for which all the electrical equipments and machineries are meaning less.

APPLICATION IN COMMERCE&TRANSPORT: The use electric current in automobiles is indispensable  electric current is essential for firing of engines.The motor vehicle in different forms play a great role in transportation thus smoothening the commercial activities in  countries. Now a days electric trains play important role in transportation of raw materials and finished goods of plants in a bulk amount thus raising huge revenues for the country.





APPLICATION IN INDUSTRIAL AND COMMUNITY SAFETY: Many electrical  safety equipment in industries operated  by  electrical power.

In fire alarm system the safety devices like smoke detectors or fire detectors are  triggered by electrical signal.

APPLICATION IN ENTERTAINMENT FIELD: Being powered by electricity, entertainment field has shape an electrifying evolution in respect of stage lighting, audio system, cinematic power projection by transforming film and television industry  amalgamated with excellent audio and video quality.

Various electrical musical instruments have has such as electronic guitar, electronic table and piano etc has enriched modern musical system.

 Since the discovery of electricity various instruments, machineries and equipments simplified the lives and the growth of  modern civilization boosted to a peak value.The  exact role electricity to our society cannot never be depicted with accuracy.The research work is being updated day by day thus enriching our present civilization day by day.


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